Sunday, February 5, 2017

Shar songs & some Natural Clemency

Sharry and I at one point were going to be a folk duet, we even had a sweet name Natural Clemency. At least that was one of many of her grand plans that was to be accomplished at some point in our lives, unfortunately the only audience Natural Clemency ever ended up playing for live was our kitty Lola. Recently it evolved into the idea of having a future family band with our musical 1-3 children. Now instead JJ and I listen to Shar's songs almost nightly and I try to sing along with an angels voice as I rock him to sleep. Let's hope that he gets his mama's musical ability. Here are a couple of Shar's original songs w/ lyrics. The rest of her songs can be found at this sound cloud profile where I have them posted along with a few uploaded music videos.

Time Steals

You say opportunity knocks
But it’s just the house next door
It will come my way next May
When the sky ???
And the clouds are flowering
Time steals my life
But it can’t get my soul
We climbed up to zion’s peak
And rested then to think
Of ideas that slip by
Dripping castles in the sky
Swimming pools in my mind
Time steal my life
But it can’t get my soul
We waited for someplace paradise
The place where water falls
America was made for me
So let’s take it baby
Time steals my life
But he can’t get my soul

I've Got You
I’ve never worn a golden bracelet
Or diamond ring
All I’ve ever had is you babe
And some dirty old guitar strings
And i’m not blue
Because baby I’ve got you
I’ve never seen the Eiffel tower
Or the empire state building
All I’ve ever seen is you babe
And some background concert scenes
But i’m not blue
Cuz baby I’ve got you
I’ve never met the president
Or owner of anything
All I’ve ever known is you babe
And some lonesome street bum kings
But i’m not blue
Because baby i’ve got you
Forget about motors and money
And cuddle close to your honey
I’ve never stayed in a mansion
Or Trump’s dwellings
I just wanna stay with you babe
While the record player sings
And I aint blue
Cuz baby I’ve got you

Bonus Track and video "In Spite of Ourselves" by John Prine...once again let's hope JJ gets his mom's talents. (o:

Isn't she so talented and beautiful!?


  1. A special person truly beautiful both outside and inside

  2. The lyrics are actually so good natural clemency is a dream that just hasn't been released yet every journey starts with a single step you will get there someday.