Friday, December 30, 2011


A while back, I made a goal to read a book a week. Here's a look at what I've read over the last year.

Read a Good Book: My 52 Books

1. The Irresistible Revolution- Shane Claiborne
2. Dracula- Bram Stoker
3. The Latino Threat- Leo Chavez
4. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn- Betty Smith
5. Why Marriages Succeed or Fail- Paul Gottman
6. Join the Club: How Peer Pressure Can Transform the World- Tina Rosenberg
7. Working World- Sherry Mueller
8. The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson- Emily Dickinson
9. Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World- Dalai Lama
10. Safe Haven- David Haines
11. The Help- Kathryn Stockett
12. Choosing Simplicity- Linda Pierce
13. Theories of Public Organization- Robert Denhardt
14. Raise High the Roof Beam- J.D. Salinger
15. Of Mice and Men- John Steinbeck
16. The Next American Revolution- Grace Lee Boggs
17. Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World- Craig Kielburger
18. Nine Stories- J.D. Salinger
19. Persuasion- Jane Austen
20. The Practical Nomad- Edward Hasbrouck
21. The Art of Nonconformity- Chris Guillebeau
22. Brave New World- Aldus Huxley
23. World Stompers: Global Travel Manifesto- Brad Olsen
24. Volunteer Vacations- Bill McMillon
25. Marco Polo Didn’t Go There- Rolf Potts
26. Tim Gunn- Tim Gunn
27. Delaying the Real World- Colleen Kinder
28. Slaughterhouse Five- Kurt Vonnegut
29. Keeping the Peace- Thich Nhat Hanh
30. The Greatest Salesman in the World- Og Mandino
31. The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho
32. Les Miserable’s- Victor Hugo
33. Moby Dick- Herman Melville
34. Franny and Zooey- J.D. Salinger
35. Things Fall Apart- Chinua Achebe
36. The Kite Runner- Khaled Hosseini
37. Man’s Search for Meaning- Viktor Frankl
38. Life of Pi- Yann Martel
39. Alice in Wonderland- Lewis Carroll
40. The Drowned and the Saved- Primo Levi
41. Great Expectations- Charles Dickens
42. Memoirs of a Geisha- Arthur Golden
43. The Brothers Karamazov- Fyodor Dostoevsky
44. Christian Counter Culture- John Scott
45. The Color Purple- Alice Walker
46. Sarah’s Key- Tatiana de Rosnay
47. Classics of Public Administration- Jay Shafritz
48. The Group- Mary McCarthy
49. Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered- E. F. Schumacher
50. The Message of the Sermon on the Mount- John Stott
51. Rediscovering Values- Jim Wallis
52. Into the Wild- Jon Krakauer

So many amazing, beautiful, tragic stories- I will definitely be doing this again next year. Happy Reading!