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 hello and welcome to our tiny little drop in the online  ocean! i'm sharry, and i'm married to my best friend and  the coolest peacenik around, jared, (sharry + jared =  sharred). jared and i met in america's red rock country  over 10 years ago, and have been wandering through this  beautiful life together ever since.

 this is our minimalist lifestyle blog where i share our jobs  (as a nonprofit program coordinator [sharry] and a school  counselor [jared]), our adventures, our families, our art, and our lives. all of which is written and edited by  me: a cat obsessed, nature lover.

 we spend the majority of our weeks hanging out with  therapy puppies at the office, hiking the slc hills,  lounging in bed with our cat, lola, or watching episode  after episode of the wonder years and gilmore girls. we love celebrating  family, art, music, literature, travel, and the great  outdoors- and hope this blog will be a space to share our  joys with the ones we love. hope you enjoy!

 -love, sharred
(written by Shar, pre 6/16/16)

I [Jared] have embraced Sharry's lovesharred message and blog continuing it after she was lost in tragedy. On June 16th, 2016 two days after our baby's due date Sharry died during child birth in a freak catastrophe. I lost my soulmate, best friend, my everything. You can read all about what happened on that day here, or listen to a podcast here that featured our love story and loss.

I continue as a widow single father with a beautiful baby boy. I aim to live my life as a legacy to my lost love. Together JJ, Sharry (in spirit at least) and I will check off her bucket list, live lives that embody the BD 3E's, and do all that we can to bring greater light and love to this world. I choose to believe that we will be together again.

Feel free to read through our blog. Previous to June 2016 Sharry wrote of our love and adventures. From that point on you can read of Shar's legacy and my experience with loss and love.
-love, BD3


  1. I believe in Christ. I believe in the plan of happiness. I believe Sharry wept just as Jesus did.
    I believe I was led here through the Holy Ghost by your wife and that I was led here for a reason. I had prayed a few weeks ago for any spirits to be able to confront me if they had a message to share.

    I am here to promise you that she is ALIVE, that she lives! That she is with you and wishes and knows you will feel her pure love touch your heart to comfort again.
    I'm also here to tell you that she chose to give her life for her son, and that she can now live through him, watch him each day, -and to help raise him with you just as you two promised each other.
    You also need to know that Families are Eternal and that the temple sealing is one of the most important endowment in life ETERNAL. Your union should make you rejoice just like she is rejoicing! I need you to know that this was the greatest thing you could have given her as a wife: an eternal family that SHE KNOWS will reunite with her in Spirit Paradise.

    You need not to fear. She IS with you. Now that she is in spirit form, this allows her to be where she is needed. She will guide you to choosing the right choices for her and your son. She CAN NOW be there to protect your son whenever you can't. She will affirm and testify herself to you, and this is all through the Holy Ghost. Because we were given the gift of the Holy Ghost at baptism, the gift CONTINUES, probably even EXPANDS as she is now a spirit.

    You will see life experiences and miracles that you will not be able to comprehend. You will be led by your eternal companion, because eternity began when you married in the Temple.

    1. Thank you. I appreciate your faith and kindness and sincerely hope you are right.

    2. I have been raised and chose to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

      I was planning and preparing on serving a mission, I was dedicated, then the month I was to leave I had met the love of my life.
      I felt as if our spirits finally found a safe haven together.

      Later that same year we had an incident where his brother-in-law (Brandon's older brother's wife's brother) and our classmate took his own life, September 2015. My boyfriend did not understand why something so tragic happened, questioned about what would happen to his spirit or if anything actually happened when you passed.
      At that moment, I knew that I HAD taken on a mission; the most important mission I could take. I allowed him the answers to his questions. He opened his heart and prayed about it himself to Heavenly Father, since he was raised Catholic and his grandfather was a Mormon leader of our Stake.

      I feel as if I can sense Trey( brother-in-law) and his presence with his family, like he could be THERE and you just didn't see him. I see/feel him especially with his niece and nephew. Sometimes their 7 year-old nephew says things to Brandon (my love) that Trey would say to Brandon.
      Brandon also feels his presence when he asks for it. He is a driver for work, and some places are tagged #treyshotzz (which was his instagram name) in pen like on benches and windowsills. Trey and him worked together at another delivery company that they eventually both walked out on, so he feels blessed and as though Trey helped him find a better delivery job.

      He was an amazing photographer. I believe he still IS an amazing photographer.
      Brandon believes he helps him through his own photography and also his life.
      I also believe my photography has improved because I asked Trey to teach and capture important moments through me.
      I captured an amazing photo of Brandon with Trey and his nephew that I had just pressed the button out of instinct and didn't even know what I was taking a picture of until I had seen that picture-perfect moment.

      I had a vision in January, saying that my mission is to pursue Family Genealogy and to confirm Family Unity. When I asked how I would do such a great task, I saw many faces all around me, in which I knew were spirits watching over me, over us, willing to help; I saw unseen forces leading and guiding me in the present day with finding genealogy records in my vision, as well. At that moment, I knew the Holy Ghost had confirmed to me that they were all around, always watching, and always helping ONLY IF WE ASKED.

      This is the secret:
      If we ask, we SHALL receive. You will receive your understanding of these answers about Sharry when you are ready because you have asked for peace, comfort, and answers.

    3. Pay attention especially to dreams. Spirits will try to communicate and help you in this life through dreams.

      Article of Faith 7: We believe in the gift of tongues, prophecy, revelation, visions, healing, interpretation of tongues, and so forth.

      You may also choose to meditate just as our Savior did to connect and communicate with His Father and other Spirits.
      Brandon has this dreaming gift more often that I do and he has dreams of Trey. He had a dream that their 6 year-old niece felt neglected and needed more love.
      Yesterday, the niece and nephew came over at the last minute and Brandon got to tend to Kailea (niece) and saw how much she loved the games and attention he was giving her. She left so happy last night.

      Both Brandon and my heart honestly goes out to you, to Sharry who I know is still alive and still enjoyed Halloween and will enjoy the Holidays with you, and to your family who are both alive in the flesh and spirit! Your family and her family has welcomed her with comfort and open arms.

  2. This is a lovely blog . I enjoyed the pictures and stories very much. Your wife seemed like a beautiful soul and she obviously was very loved by you. I can only imagine how much you miss her though it is a wonderful thing to have had the opportunity in ones life to love as deeply as you both seemed to love each other, rare gift indeed in todays world , cherish that my friend. Tammy

  3. Hello,
    I added some string parts to one of her songs..if that is ok. If you would like to hear it (or just the instrumental version) please feel free to contact me
    You can check out my profile alchemysoundslike on

    1. (That last part was worded weird) full email =

  4. Was so moved by your story. I heard the podcast through Strangers. Sending love and prayers your way.

  5. I was also very moved by your podcast and cried. I lost my husband to brain cancer and was a widow at age 29. It sounds like your faith, your job, your family, and JJ give you lots of meaning and love as you try to sort through this terrible loss and change. I needed to hear it back then and I will type it here: one day you'll be really happy again. You'll never stop missing Sharry, but she of all people would want you to keep living, to be fulfilled and happy in all areas of your life. ps. I like grief website.

    1. Thank you, I hope you have found a measure of joy, love and peace in your life.

  6. Hello Jared,
    I recently listened to your episode on the Strangers Podcast. I'm so sorry for your loss. I was moved to reach out to you after I listened and hearing about your continued grieving process, I wanted to share some information with the hopes that you may find comfort in knowing that your dear Sharry is safe in the memory of God, who will remember every detail about her and bring her back again. And while words fail to capture the pain of losing a loved one, we look forward to the time when words will fail to capture the joy of having our heavenly Father return your dear one to you.


  7. Wow. I just listened to the Strangers podcast and I was compelled to comment.

    The true measure of respectful, meaningful, deep love is the ability to share the person you love with the world after they're gone, to the point where people listening felt like they knew her too. I am touched and moved by the love and commitment that Sharry and Jared had for each other and for their unborn child. I am moved beyond words by Jared’s ability to keep her spirit alive and the intimacy of the story of your life together. What a rare gift to not only experience first-hand, such life-changing love, but to have the willingness and ability to share it so beautifully with others.

    What a beautiful and tragic love story and yet so filled with hope for the future of this child, created in love and wanted so much.

  8. I just listened your story on Strangers and I love it, please Jared take care of Katie she sound like an amazing girl!