Sharry's Scholarship

A memorial treasure hunt scholarship for Utah students grades 7-12.
Sharry Buhanan-Decker passed away in childbirth June 16th, 2016 due to a very rare and often fatal Amniotic Fluid Embolism. She was my best friend and soul mate of 12 years. Our beautiful baby boy JJ survived and at 9 months is progressing amazingly considering his somewhat dismal early outlook. We have been supported by loving families, kind friends and compassionate strangers.

Sharry, an incredibly creative, adventurous and loving person always kept a bucket list: a list full of the grand and the small. Items included trips, artistic pursuits, learning aspirations, and ways to make a difference, to love more deeply and experience life more fully. This list now serves as a road map for JJ and I to live our lives by. The very last item that she added to her bucket list was “Treasure hunt student grants, creative giving ($10k get back to nature and education).” Two of Sharry’s greatest passions were nature and education. Her idea of a treasure hunt scholarship brings these two passions together.

  • There will be one winner per year, per treasure hunt.
  • Winner must be a Utah student currently enrolled in a secondary grade (7-12).
  • The Scholarship will be a one time donation of $2,900 to a Utah Education Savings Plan
  • If the winning student already has a UESP account the money will be donated to the student’s account.
  • If the winning student does not have a UESP account one will be made in their name with the money added to it.
  • To learn more about how Utah Education Savings Plans work, click here.
  • This will be an annual scholarship for at least five years. This year the treasure hunt will be in northern Utah.
  • Beginning Friday ___________ a clue will be given on the “Sharry’s Treasure” Twitter and Instagram pages along with a quote, painting or idea that Sharry cherished.
  • Every Friday after the ____________ a slightly more specific clue will be given until a qualifying student finds the treasure.
  • The treasure will be hidden somewhere in the Wasatch mountains in a little treasure box
  • The treasure will not be completely buried.
  • Students are reminded to exercise caution and safety first in all activities. The treasure will not be hidden in a location that places students physically at risk.
  • When the treasure is found by a qualifying student (current grade 7-12) they must post a picture with the treasure and secret message on either Instagram or Twitter.
  • If two students find it together I will divide the $2900 into two separate $1450 accounts.
  • At this point I will contact the student to make arrangements for $2900 and the UESP account.
  • If you have questions please contact through Twitter or Instagram
  • If you are interested in contributing to this memorial, THANK YOU. You can donate @ a Go Fund Me page for this purpose