Sunday, March 15, 2015


it's almost spring, the daffodils are sprouting from their bulbs, and we've been itching to get outside and do something- anything. i'm feeling all kinds of waderlust and summer festival angst (listening to the sxsw lineup as i blog). plus, with easter around the corner, and the season of rebirth, i'm getting impatient for babies and houses and deep roots. i know i am so incredibly blessed to have our families, and lola. and my mom is the sweetest woman on earth. and jared is the most loving and caring soul mate a woman could ask for. but something about the human condition always leaves us wanting to move forward. onward. progress.

the last few years have taught me a lot about patience. about delayed gratification. and about loving and/or accepting the here and now. i've learned that life basically never turns out the way you plan. good or bad, it kinda moves along and we enjoy the scenery and learn to cherish each other.

although we may have to keep waiting a while for the ever elusive future, let the wind blow where it may. we only really lose when the present is lost.

so with all the sweat and tears swirling around in the beautiful spring breeze, we've decided we gotta get out and do more with family, and more in nature. it's still too cold and snowy for spring hiking, so this last weekend we met lisa, nate, and their babies down at wheeler farm to see the new baby animals.

i have to quickly point out here lisa's two blonde babies next to her blackish-brown hair. it's really cool to see how each addition to the family is so different and unexpected. when zach was born, i remember lisa saying, "i wouldn't have picked that baby out of a lineup. he doesn't look anything like me." and it was completely true. now she's got two blondies, and a new understanding of her (apparently) recessive genes.

i can't believe this little girl is already pulling herself up to a standing position. plus, look at those awesome teeth! it kinda makes me sad to see her growing up so fast. i wish she could just stay in this sweet little baby stage forever.

zach really loved all of the big farm equipment and couldn't wait to sit in this big seat. he's only about a foot tall, so he couldn't quite reach the pedals and levers, but thankfully jared was there to help him out. thanks, uncle jar.

whitney was too small to sit on the big tractor, but she did have fun standing in a truck, watching the birds, playing in the dirt, and trying to snack on bales of hay.

as for me, i just loved seeing all the animals and hanging out with family. i'm kind of an animal lover, an aspiring st. francis, and a bleeding heart. so it's nice to see these animals at a happy little farm, where they have space to roam... sad knowing most of them will be sold off in the weeks and months to come. but, i'm practicing living in the present, and focusing on the beauty we have around us today. siblings, goats, babies, and spring.

i hope you all had a great week and are enjoying the beginnings of spring. love ya lots.