Friday, May 20, 2016


jared, baby, and i have been feeling so incredibly spoiled the last few weeks. i had a couple little showers in salt lake with friends and coworkers and was already overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support..and then this last weekend some of my best friends threw us a shower in st george, for all of our hometown friends and family, and i have to say- i'm completely honored and humbled by how generous and loving everyone has been.

we drove down to st george saturday morning to spend some time with our families before the shower on monday. we've been trying to spend a little time walking and enjoying the outdoors, before the baby comes, and luckily the desert was just blooming! we went out and walked through my mom's desert garden and talked about the options to turn our own yard into some kind of drought tolerant garden. we've definitely got blossoms and babies on the mind.

^this cactus is insanely huge and my mom claims she never actually planted it. apparently the seeds blew in from the desert and now it's probably 30 feet wide and 10 feet tall. it's super rad and i want one for our yard. kinda thinking it wouldn't do as well during a salt lake winter.^

the bird of paradise bushes scattered throughout the garden are super beautiful as well, plus they attract a lot of hummingbirds so my mom loves them. aren't the blossoms uh-mazing?

the shower on monday turned out really well and we got to see lots of family on both sides plus some friends i haven't met up with in years. people gave us so many cute clothes and beautiful homemade quilts and loads of baby gear i know will come in handy. can't wait to try everything out on baby!

on top of baby and gardening activities, we got to spend some time out in one of my favorite places in st geroge - snow canyon state park. looking back, it's kinda hard to believe that this place is just minutes from where i grew up and we would go there for free every school holiday (back then they didn't even charge admission!).

playing at the sand dunes with the kids.

thanks again to all of our wonderful friends and family for making us feel so much generosity and support. we are so excited to add a new baby to the family and feel so much comfort knowing that he'll be born into a whole family and community filled with love. thank you!  with all our love, sharred

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