Sunday, May 1, 2016


we bought a house! and ever since we moved in, we've spent a lot of time pulling weeds. there are so so so many more weeds to go, so many weeds, but this weekend we finally started putting down new roots and planted a whole bunch of shrubs, succulents, and saplings. it'll take years for these little plants to spread and grow, but i'm excited to see it get more and more full and colorful (and less work!) over time.

we got a bunch of perennial succulents and planted them all over as ground cover. they have all different colored flowers and look really cute...crossing our fingers they multiply like crazy! we've got a lot of dirt out there.

hopefully someday our yard will look as awesome and beautiful as the natural vegetation in the wasatch foothills two minutes from our house. or if not, at least hopefully our neighbors will stop dropping by to ask us "what in the world are you going to do with that yard?" either way, it'd be a win. but really, we're having fun getting our green thumbs and making it a little haven to call our own. happy earth day and happy arbor day!

p.s. only a few more weeks until baby boy makes his big debut

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