Thursday, May 12, 2016


jared and i celebrated my first (almost) mother's day this weekend! the baby has already made me into more of the worrying motherly type, plus i've survived almost 9 straight months of consistent heartburn and low-level nausea, so i think i get to celebrate a little too :-)

actually, in all honesty there are things i really love about being pregnant. i like to feel the baby squirm, get the hiccups, and bulge out in one direction. i like to watch my stomach bob up and down and around and wonder what in the world he thinks he's up to. i like to rub my belly throughout the day and think about the little person who is about to arrive. it's kinda cool.

anyway- to celebrate we spent the saturday before mother's day at the tulip festival- and it was just what i needed to relax and unwind. it felt really good to waddle through the gardens and enjoy a little morning sunshine while listening to a gypsy accordion player serenade visitors for loose change. we visited at just the right time because as we were leaving, dark clouds rolled in and it rained all afternoon. salt lake has been doing this to us the last three weekends in a row and this time we wised up, checked the forecast, and planned our day accordingly. and it totally worked out!

a little big and awkward, but happy to be out enjoying the flowers

after the gardens, we stopped by the baby expo going on at the sandy expo center and picked up some free baby samples (bottles, onsies, and, randomly, a pearl necklace). jared also made me breakfast in bed, a fancy pasta dinner, and surprised me with a new phone. it was fun being a little spoiled for the weekend and made the heartburn seem a little less obnoxious. at least for a little while.

happy mother's day!

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