Monday, October 12, 2015


somehow we are already halfway through october and i can't believe it...especially since it's sunny and 85 degrees and I still get to spend the weekends outside in shorts and t-shirts. the past few months have been kinda stressful and busy so i'm really looking forward to the holiday season and am enthusiastically embracing fall.

we kicked off autumn by watching the super harvest moon at the great salt lake. we were of course swarmed by mosquitoes and came home with 10,000 itching red lumps, but the moon was so huge on the eastern horizon while the sun set in the west- the whole thing was pretty magical.

we've also spent a pretty significant amount of time the last few weeks going for walks and drives looking for fall leaves. for all of our efforts, we really haven't seen too many very colorful spots. the trees seem to be either still green or dead and brown, with very little in between. in fact, the most colorful yellow branches we've seen were shrubs. shrubs!

we even put out a few decorations around the house to try to remind ourselves to enjoy the beautiful and short harvest season. afterall, winter is coming ;-)

happy harvest!

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