Wednesday, August 12, 2015


so, yesterday was my 29th birthday. 29 years- can you believe it!?!? i've been celebrating for a week and have planned 30 more adventures to have before 30...gotta have a last hurrah of my 20s! i have to say, i feel incredibly spoiled and blessed for the love and happiness i have in my life and was reminded of this birthday. i got to spend time together with family, which is always an important part of a birthday bash, ate lots of yummy food, stayed up late talking about the future, dangled from a zip line, crawled through timpanogos cave, opened way too generous gifts, and received two bushels of flowers at work. thank you to friends, family, and coworkers for making me feel ridiculously appreciated and loved this week.

this is the view from the mouth of timanogos cave (which i can't believe i'd never been to!). the view from the top looks down over this beautiful canyon and into pleasant grove. it's a nice short uphill hike to a sweet cave with an amazing view and interesting geological formations. it really surprised me how cool it was.

and this was the adventure course and zipline we did at the utah olympic park. my fear of heights made me shake like crazy, which made the wires shake like crazy! but i made it through without any tears or freakouts= huge success. 29th year, facing my fears!

thank you to friends and family for making me feel so much love this birthday! looking forward to the exciting new adventures i hope to have my 29th year.

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