Wednesday, October 21, 2015


last weekend was uea for jared which, lucky for us, happened to coincide with the parliament of the world's religions- hosted right here in salt lake city. we went to four days of workshops, discussions, and speeches with religious leaders from around the world. we listened to buddhists talk about anti-materialism, hindus discuss nonviolence, muslims speak out on climate change, catholics sharing tips on social justice activism, sikhs serve free food as an act of charity, methodists condemn income inequality, and baptists talk about rising above our petty differences. 

honestly, i was blown away to hear their stories and experiences, and by the tireless work so many people do to spread peace and compassion around the world. 


"the least [we] can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves" -jane goodall (amen!)

and after the big saturday sessions, which were my favorite of the four days, we went for a walk in a nearby park to get some fresh air and decompress. so much to think about... much work to do.

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