Monday, August 27, 2018


JJ is going on 800 days on this Earth! I love this “big boy” so very much. He is silly, adventurous, cute, messy and stubborn. Some fun quirks: His bottom lip is constantly covered in a light covering of toddler drool. His most used statements are, “TV”, “no nap”, “my house”, and “watch dis”. He loves reading and his current favorite book is OOPS by Barney Saltzberg. He is still a fruit addict too so we have learned to have fruit as the dessert of every meal to motivate his eating of the main course. He loves trips and is always ready to hop in the car and play backseat driver, “that way, that way, that way” As a typical two year old, he can be very stubborn and big crybaby at times but as a general rule he’s a superstar. 

In honor of JJ a few weeks ago I got a new tattoo to go with the one I got for Sharry on my right arm. A 1-UP mushroom from Super Mario Brothers and JJ in pixelated letters.

The symbolic meaning is that 800 days ago JJ gave me an extra life and saved his daddy. If not for him I am certain that I would not be around today having found a way to be with Sharry whether that be in the afterlife or oblivion. Thanks to my best little buddy though I am here and sincerely love my current life. On that note, I definitely plan on getting at least one more tattoo on my left arm once I find a good “Katie idea” that sticks around for a while.

Thank you, JJ for bringing light, life and meaning to a life once so desolate and dark and planting the seeds of magic and good things now in my life and yet to come.

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  1. I just heard your episode Wouldn't It Be Nice on Strangers and I was so moved by your story (still crying while writing this). I am getting ready to start the one year check in episode and by the thumbnail description, feel hopeful that things have become emotionally more manageable and that you have been able to find peace and happiness in your life after losing such a beautiful partner. (I am also saving reading this blog until then so the episode is not spoiled.)
    Thank you for sharing your story with the world. You two are proof that true love is something that still exists. I wish you all the best in raising your little one.