Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The eventful summer of 2018

This summer was amazing! Action packed, eventful and busy. We were away from home for 27 days! This post is going to be picture heavy and word light.

My family planned a week vacation in San Diego which was beautiful and amazing. JJ loved Legoland, the wild animal park, playing with cousins and being at the beach.

On June 27th which was also a beautiful full moon and my Grandparents' anniversary Katie and I were married. I cannot imagine a more beautiful day and ceremony. We were married on the beach in South Carlsbad with our two immediate families joining us for our happy day. Major thanks to Maureen (Katie's sister) for marrying us as well as Maria, Jen, Jane and Mary (among others) for all the work they put in to make the day so special. 

For our honeymoon we wanted to go somewhere cool, unique and adventurous. We ultimately decided on Norway where we had a magical time exploring mountains, lakes, glaciers, rivers and forests. Thanks to amazing grandparents for watching JJ!

There was no better way to end our summer and get off to an amazing beginning with our little family than to go on a National Park road trip! We drove 3500 miles over 12 days and JJ was a freaking road trip all star...we didn't even need technology once to keep him going in the back! (We had a tablet for emergencies but it was not required). We visited Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier, Katie's family in Sheridan, Wyoming, explored the Denver area and Rocky Mountain National Park.

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