Saturday, October 14, 2017

Our Book, My Angel Mama

Sharry and I shared a goal of writing a children’s book together, in fact, you can see that mentioned twice on her bucket list. I was going to write the book and Sharry, the talented artist, was to do the illustrations. I can now say that we have checked one more item off her list and you can find the product of this goal on Amazon, My Angel Mama. Sharry’s name is listed as an author of this book and she very much helped write it. I am very proud of this book and know that Sharry would approve. It is the labor of a broken heart and powerful connections that come from love and loss.

The primary audience is JJ, I want more than anything for our baby boy to grow up knowing all about his Mama. Already he loves this book, although truth be told not quite as much as his Thomas the train books but that is one high bar to reach! He kissed one of the pictures of Sharry and my heart melted. This is my exact hope, that JJ will have one more way to stay connected to his angel mama. Beyond JJ I pray this book can touch and inspire others with the universal themes of love found in family, the preciousness of life, dealing with loss/suffering, and savoring those we are so fortunate to hold dear.

I must also express my love and extreme gratitude to the amazing illustrator of this book, Sarah Barley. Sarah is a very talented artist (as I’m sure you can see for yourself), incredibly intuitive and I consider myself fortunate to call her friend. This book would not have happened without her. She put much creative energy and countless hours into a project, that for her, was a selfless act of charity and compassion.

Sarah first reached out to me, as so many others have, to offer her condolences with kind words of compassion and support. Then later, unexpectedly, she sent me one of my very favorite Christmas gifts which I blogged about last December. It was a set of cards entitled “We Brave Women” featuring important women from history and on the very top of the deck was a custom made card of Sharry! Needless to say, I had a very emotional and positive response. Then a bit later I felt inspired to ask Sarah about helping with our book. Here is a journal entry I made from 11/27

“While rocking JJ idea popped into my head to ask Sarah Barley if she would do the art in our children’s book. She had been thinking of writing a book that same day!
Her response:
Funny timing, I was thinking about a children's book yesterday too. (it's on my bucket list as well)

Yes I'm super interested.  Do you want input on the art? Or would it be left to me?

If we decide to do it, I'm going to pray throughout the process to try to connect to Sharry. Wouldn't that be amazing if she was a part of the creation?”

And from mine and Sharry’s goal to Sarah’s intuitive act of compassion the book is complete. I sincerely believe like Shar was in fact “part of the creation,” to use Sarah’s words, and hope that if you get a chance to check it out you will feel her influence through my words and Sarah’s art.. I miss my love and best friend now and forever but am grateful for opportunities like this to share her love and legacy.

Here is a sneak peek of a couple of the pages from the book. To see the rest you’ll have to buy a copy 😇 and if you love it like I hope you will, please share with a friend!


  1. Every parent wish that their child to stay connected to his/her parents, this book can touch and inspire others with the universal themes of love found in family, the preciousness of life, dealing with loss/suffering, Good stuff to read.