Friday, July 3, 2015


the next few days were my favorite of the whole trip. we got to celebrate canada day (july 1st) by hiking up to the plain of six glaciers and lake agnes, drinking local herbal tea at a mountain teahouse, listening to live local musicians, and cheering for mounties in the parade...uh-mazing, canada.

here's a few photos from our time around lake louise...

hiking up this rocky trail is nonstop goodness. with views of both lake louise and glaciers along the way, how can you go wrong? 

plus, right at the top of the treeline, before you reach the glacier covered peaks, you come to a little swiss tea house decorated with buddhist prayer flags and miniature canadian flags. we ordered some local herbal teas and fresh handmade biscuits and enjoyed the gorgeous glacier views while sipping our warm sweet tea. yum.

we also stopped over at lake agnes, where a fancier (aka more expensive) tea house sits on the lake overlooking a waterfall. this tea house was a little less rustic and bohemian but it still had amazing views and if you're looking for a shorter hike in the rockies above a gorgeous turquoise lake, this one is only around 4 miles round trip.

^the lovely chateau at lake louise^

^the famous fairmont banff hotel. for those not interested in showering in the lake or camping with bears.^

running into big horned sheep at lake minnewanka before our cleansing swim in the ice cold water. 

yay for canada day!

still so many trails i wish we would have had time to travel. wish we could have stayed for another week or two, but i guess we'll just have lots of things planned for next time! :) still feeling crazy happy about our adventure to the canadian rockies.

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