Saturday, July 4, 2015


after spending a few days in glacier national park, we were finally on our way to banff, beautiful banff. driving into the park, it was hard to believe how large and spread out everything was. what looked like a 5 minute drive on the map, was usually an hour roadtrip through the rockies. a drive filled with towering mountains topped with white glaciers and spilling waterfalls. i think i have a new favorite place!

after checking availability at a few other campgrounds, we camped at two jack main. two jack main is a large and, in our experience, uncrowded campground near the town of banff...and unfortunately one of the few campgrounds without showers. the park ranger recommend cleaning off in a lake or hot spring and, just so we know, there had been "recent bear sightings in the campsites." welcome to the wild. 

with our sleeping bags in place, we started driving through the bow valley towards jasper and within our first hour exploring the park, we saw our first shiny golden grizzly bear (surprisingly pretty/handsome), and made our way out to the trails.

check out how clear the water is!  

over the next few days we hiked around 30(ish) miles of trails in banff. mostly around the famous lake louise and ten peaks areas- which are even prettier than they look in pictures. can you believe this place is real? i'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

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