Saturday, May 9, 2015


in our effort to experience everything cool within an hour drive of salt lake city, we discovered this little gem- the crater. the crater is a 10,000 year old geothermal hot spring in midway, ut. the spring is surrounded by a rock dome with an opening in the top for light to filter through. you can visit year round because the water is always a nice warm 92 degrees. plus... it's the swimming hole from 127 hours!

it was cool and rainy outside but the crater was still hot and steamy. we soaked for about an hour and, i have to admit, by the end i was a little motion sick. the warm water bubbles up from the middle of the crater, creating a current which constantly pushes you toward the edges. we tried to fight it at first, but eventually we gave in and floated on our backs over to the rock walls.

it was fun watching everyone bobbing around in the foggy scene, looking like they are about to climb aboard hercules' boat on the river styx. have i mentioned that utah is the coolest?

thanks to this guy for making every saturday a memorable saturday. i hope you are all having a great weekend and are opening the windows and listening to the thunder and rain. love ya lots!

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