Tuesday, May 19, 2015


we started our weekend roadtrip a little hesitant- still debating until the night before if we should go out of town this weekend or wait for a better time. to begin with, we'd both picked up a cold somewhere earlier in the week, and were feeling pretty lousy by the time the weekend rolled around. plus, we've been worried about jared's grandmother's health and wanted to be there for her and the family. it just didn't seem like a good time. on top of all that, the forecast was predicting rain... and who wants to sleep in a tent in the cold rain with a sinus infection?

still...i knew i would kick myself for weeks if we didn't go, besides jared was convinced we HAD to go since we'd already paid for the campground. so we decided to take our chances and head down to red rock country.

here are a couple photos from our first stop, capital reef. we were basically planning to kill some time in capital reef on our way to arches and canyonlands since moab was expected to get their majority of rain on saturday. what started as a quick sightseeing trip through capital reef turned into a 7.5 mile hike through one of the most beautiful canyons i have ever seen. we hiked almost the entire way to the golden thrown without seeing another person. it was just gorgeous.

we also made a quick stop at my great great grandfather, elijah behunin's cabin. i would totally love to live here, lij. tiny home with amazing scenery? count me in.

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