Monday, May 19, 2014


^^^the birthday boy^^^
^^^love these happy fellas^^^

^^^the birthday party^^^

^^^these guys wanted a piece of us^^^

^^^getting the babies together^^^
^^^jared had to jump in the ring and save this sweet mother goat. her poor head was stuck between the bars of the food trough- so she could eat but she couldn't get a drink or care of her little ones. jared got some major points by helping this little lady out.^^^

^^^zach eating one of his birthday cupcakes^^^

^^^i think he liked it^^^

since zach's birthday fell in the middle of the week, and lisa and nate have so much going on with baby #2 planning and so forth, lisa thought a relaxed picnic and visit to wheeler farm would be just the right thing. we had a little picnic dinner and then wandered around the farm to visit all the animals. what a great way to unwind with family in the middle of the work week.

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