Monday, May 5, 2014


^^^we had a little bbq over at my sister lisa's house this weekend^^^

^^^here's my super adorable nephew zachary, hanging out on the porch swing with his dad, nate^^^

^^^and of course, my ever radiant sister with her beautiful baby boy
 (who earlier that day had bonked his head on the wall while playing)^^^

^^^lisa is only a few weeks away from having another cute baby...this time, it's a girl!^^^
^^^zach loved the corn...^^^
^^^...and so did jared^^^

^^^and all the while, scott threatened to punch me if I took his picture...sound familiar?^^^

The dinner was a bit of a potluck so we all brought our favorite foods and threw them on the grill. Nate and Kelly were the master chefs, Jared and I shucked corn, Scott wanted to smash the camera, and Lisa tried to relax (since baby #2 is almost here!). After we were all full-up on BBQ, Nate made some homemade ice cream for dessert...and even though we were pretty stuffed we had to try some of the delicious fresh homemade strawberry goodness. And let me tell you, it was worth it.

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