Saturday, October 19, 2019

Fall 2019

So far 2019 is going by in an amazing blur! JJ is at my very favorite age. He is funny, a tease, becoming more adventurous, learning so so much and is crazy cute. JJ started preschool two days a week and he is finally to the point where he consistently enjoys it, however, that was not without a difficult start. At first, he would cling and cry begging for Katie not to leave him. He was uncooperative and would break down if the preschool teachers asked him to do anything that he did not want to do. We had serious thoughts about pulling him out and trying again next year. I am so glad we stuck it out. Two weeks ago we had our breakthrough day and he has not cried once since then before or during preschool! Katie did some amazing work in helping him persevere.

Speaking of Katie she has been doing the stay at home mom thing like a rock star. She is JJ’s very favorite person in the world and I sincerely get verklempt thinking about what an extraordinary mom she is. Katie is kind, patient, fun, warm, flexible and loving. She fights bad guys (JJ’s favorite game), teaches ABCs and 123s, goes to the park, reads tons of books, watches Big Bird, Bingo and Rolly, perseveres through preschool and plans all sorts of big kid activities. And she performs all the above while being an exceptional, beautiful, adventurous, generous and loving wife/partner AND growing a new little baby boy in her belly!! Amazing!

Jack (baby boy #2) is fast approaching with the due date of November 19th. We cannot wait to welcome him into our loving little family. JJ is pretty excited to have a new best buddy but often expresses his frustration, “He’s taking FOREVER”. It’s amazing to watch Katie’s little belly grow into a big ol kicking watermelon. I have to be honest though the closer we get to the due date the more my anxiety grows. As we go to doctor appointments and classes my PTSD will sometimes randomly hit as my mind flashes back to the day my life forever changed on JJ’s birthday and the day we lost Sharry. I am going to be an emotional mess and really think my heart will only rest easy once Katie and Jack are home from the hospital, safe and sound. So please send prayers and loving/healthy vibes our way.

Last week I got my Katie tattoo. I love it. It’s a giant redwood tree with a full moon behind it and in the tree are carved the initials KJ with a heart around them. This has a lot of symbolism and real-life connections for me. I am a major nature lover and tree hugger. Last year we went to visit the giant redwoods of California on two different occasions and I was awestruck by their grandeur. I proposed to Katie on a full moon eclipse and we were married under a full moon.
The tree represents the strength, beauty, vitality, and oxygen that Katie continually brings into my life. The moon is symbolic of light and connection. Katie entered my life on the darkest night and like a full moon cresting over the horizon brought clarity, light, wonder, and magic into a life that was bereft of color and joy.

I am aiming to update once Jack is here with the good news and Halloween fun!

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