Sunday, April 19, 2015


the last few weekends, jared and i have been spending lots of time at the park or out on the trails. sometimes sitting in an office all week gets a little dreary, so when the weekend comes it's nice to break away.

we've finally reached some amazing spring weather in slc (which i think is finally sticking around!), and the blossoms are all in's one of my favorite times of year.

this weekend we visited red butte for the bulbs and blooms festival. even though the entire garden was buried in snow 3 days ago, by saturday things had already warmed up to 70 degrees and 220,000+ daffodils were back to their golden radiance.

the children's garden has really blossomed- i love to see all of the cute and creative flowerbeds all in bloom. plus, it's fun to climb around and act like a kid again (notice jared in the little garden house).

we've made a few hikes up to the "living room" in the last few weeks (one of salt lake's busiest hikes) mostly because it's a lower elevation hike and isn't covered in snow, but also for the beautiful views of the valley and the lovely vibrant wildflowers.

-wildflowers along the trail-

our fellow hikers enjoying their rock chairs. gotta love meeting all of the other people and dogs on the trail. everyone is just happier and friendlier in the great outdoors. i wish we could bring lola out with of the benefits of having a dog instead of a cat.

plus, we're working on getting in shape before our 16 mile backpacking trip in Zion next month! it might kill us, but at least it'll be an adventure.

i hope you've having a wonderful spring and spending some time outside in this beautiful weather! love ya lots!

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