Tuesday, February 17, 2015


this year i decided to have some fun with valentine's day and surprise jared with random valentines throughout the month. this fun-loving fella woke  up to paper hearts, came home to mini cheesecakes, and had his car filled with valentine stickers...which are now permanently attached to the dashboard of the geo (sorry lis).

here he is, pictured snacking on a strawberry butterfly cupcake after a long night at parent teacher conference. sometimes you need some valentine's season sweets to make it through the week.

jared, as usual, did lots of nice things for me as well, including buying me a few bath bombs from lush (i need to gush about lush for a second here, because they are a really cool animal rights/eco friendly beauty supplier and since jared and i are vegetarian environmentalists, it's nice to buy products that promote those values).

one of the best valentine's jared gave me was to come along when i got my hair cut and highlighted at a local hair school. this was actually the first time i'd ever tried a hair school and i was a little shocked when the whole process took over four hours. neither of us had any idea it would take that long, but jared hung out, went on walks, and checked up on me. he never got annoyed or mad or impatient. when the rookie hairstylist finally hung up her clippers, we busted out of there and bought ourselves two giant burritos.

if you ask me, that is what love is all about, my friends. sticking through grueling appointments and meetings, sitting in uncomfortable chairs, until you finally get to scarf down 2lbs chile rellono burritos.

is it just me, or has this valentine's day been extra awesome?

plus, look how amazingly good looking he is. i hope you all had a fabulous valentine's day & an eventful president's day weekend! love ya lots!


  1. I've been to hair schools before and it always takes forever! But your hair is gorgeous! And yes, that is definitely love! Happy valentines!

  2. i know, i'm not sure if i'll ever go back...dyeing it at home is so much faster. anyway, love ya and hope you had a fun valentine's day!