Sunday, November 2, 2014


we've been having a pretty great halloween season around here. from pumpkin carving, to pumpkin bread, to pumpkin waffles- we are basically smelling, tasting, and loving everything fall. 

^^^the nieces and nephews around here are still a little too young to enjoy cleaning out the pumpkin (or to safely wield a knife), but they were really excited to see the jack-o-lanterns lit, and greet all of the trick-or-treaters at the door.

plus, they looked super cute in their little egg costumes.

we were mario and luigi this year. partly because it was an easy costume we could both wear to work all day, and partly because jared loves few things more than mario and luigi.

i hope everyone had a happy halloween! we can't wait to see all the pictures of your costumes and to check out your fun, festive, fall activities. we love all hallows' eve!

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