Saturday, June 21, 2014


^^^i had no idea it would be this beautiful. ^^^

^^^i love utah.^^^

^^^we decided to spend the summer solstice in a new spot this year- the spiral jetty. it was a work day, plus we'd managed to plan a quick family dinner with jared's folks that night as well, so we didn't get out to the great salt lake until the sun was setting. as we came around the bend on the bumpy dirt road, we were both honestly surprised by how striking it was in person.^^^

^^^jared in the early morning- at our amazingly cool campsite...^^

^^^our hillside lookout^^^

^^^loved waking up to this.^^^

fyi: this massive sculpture was created in 1970, during a drought, and just a few years after it was built, spent the next three decades below water. over the last 10 years, the jetty has fluctuated between visibility and submersion...kinda hard to plan a visit. when i heard it was exposed, we thought it would be a great place to experience one of our favorite astronomical events- summer solstice.

^^^watching the seagulls over the jetty, waiting for sunrise^^

^^^our sunrise stroll^^^

^^^we're in love with the jetty... and our amazing little blue dot in the universe.^^^

^^^greeting the dawn^^^

^^^and a happy summer solstice to you!^^^

-sharry and jared


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  3. These look great, i hope you had a perfect outdoor experience. The photos looks so nice and gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing.